Rebecca Dietzel’s Lecture Topics

Inflammation: understanding the healing process and how to optimize it through food and lifestyle choices

Tendon Health: structure and function, common tendon injuries, strategies for enhancing tendon health

Absorbing Nutrients: understanding how the digestive system works and how to best support its function

Bone Health: bone metabolism and how bones adapt to the forces placed on them, food and lifestyle choices for enhancing bone health

Introduction to Ayurveda: basic foundational concepts of this ancient system for creating health and balance

The Science of Sleep: factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep

Stress: the physiological effects of stress and how to counterbalance those effects

Dance specific topics:

Understanding metabolism and the effects of dance training

Anatomy for dancers: workshops using movement to teach anatomy, workshops with a focus on a particular joint and the pertinent issues for dancers (for example: anatomy of the hip joint with a focus on clicks and pops, common injuries, or accessing turnout)

Exploring range of motion

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